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Come walk/run in the footsteps of Madiba

Every South African, should in their lifetime, walk/run in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela

The Runs

  1. The main event is the 27 km race, symbolic of Mr. Mandela’s 27 years in prison.
  2. 10 km walk/run for all levels of fitness
  3. Freedom Route fun walk/runs for young and old,
  4. 50 m Toddlers dash

All the events start in front of the statue of Nelson Mandela at the beginning of his `walk to freedom‘ on February 11th, 1990 and progress through a scenic route that passes the Madiba House, the prison. The 27 km route continues through the adjacent wine farms to finish on the sports arena near the entrance.

More than a Race.

But 27 for Freedom is more than a running event. It is an experience everyone should participate in at least once in their life time. It is a historic, yet fun-filled, family day of reflection, celebration and nation building for the tens of thousands that will participate from across the sports, social, business and political landscape. It contributes directly to the preservation and promotion of the Nelson Mandela legacy and the historic `right of passage’ that his walk to freedom represent to current and future generations of South Africans and all freedom loving people.

Sustaining the Legacy

On February 11th and 12th, the DCS, in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Museum, Mayibuye and Robben Island Museum, will be conducting educational, Madiba legacy programmes for visitors. This includes a tour of the Madiba House, talks, exhibitions and an experiential, live-in programmes for rural children that will overnight at the prison.

The Department of Education’s life orientation programme will facilitate an exercise to afford learners at schools in the Boland circuit to express their understanding of `freedom’ in art, music, poetry or song. Schools will be invited to present their renditions at the race-day stage.

Developmental Objective

CWDM and the five municipalities, as part of their IDP initiatives contribute to incremental growth and upliftment, particularly for the rural and farm communities and children.

This event has, in collaboration the Rural and Social Development departments , engaged the `Fit to Run’ NGO to identify, work with, train and recruit, bus to participate and feed young, rural entrants from farm- and other schools in the CW district. The event will raise funds to ensure ongoing training and support in the months between races so that one day, one of these youngsters will win the 27 for Freedom event. (This is in addition to the recipient charity in each of the five municipal areas).

Economic Growth

To bring those from across the economic and social divides closer together, SMME’s, farmers and tourism entrepreneurs from the region will be afforded the opportunity market their goods and services to visitors at the Farmer’s Market, SMME and visitors centres on race day. The event will promote and grow the tourism potential, stimulate income generation and in turn, they will also market the event.

The University of Stellenbosch is tasked to conduct an Economic Impact Monitor of the local economic contribution of the event and the impact ancillary activities and initiatives may have on the region’s economy.


Visitors and participates will enjoy jailhouse rock from the local in-mates band, listen to local poets, the DCS choir and be entertained by local and national entertainers covering a range of musical genres while the children are engaged in `kidz corner’ supervised by volunteers from the University of Stellenbosch’s Operation Hope programme.


The reward for many is tracing the steps on Madiba and our nations walk to freedom. This is a walk or run every South African should strive to do. For others is the opportunity to build new friendships, social cohesion and a being part of a nation rooted in wellness of body, heart and mind, contributing to a positive lifestyle, health and building of national unity; The winners of the main race receive a coveted medal, cash prizes and the new floating trophy. All other winners and participants receive medals. Every South African, should in their lifetime, walk/run in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela

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27 for freedom run /walk  event start times
Race Starting Time
27km Run 06:30
10km Run/Walk 07:00
Freedom Route Run/Walk 09:00
50 m Toddlers 10:00